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We create digital ecosystem for a limitless spiritual growth

Digital Reformation 4.0

Three facts that keep us
awake at night

Did you know that?
  • During the last ten years, young people aged 16 to 30 who left the church were 25% more than those who joined it, while children aged 12 to 16 make up 64%, according to the statistics of South American division of the SDA Church for 2021.
  • Today there already exists the first VR church in the Metaverse. It has 200 members and its pastor has already made the first virtual baptism of an avatar.
  • Facebook, Apple and Google work on making VR glasses affordable, like smartphones, for every family. Meta (former Facebook) spends 5 billion dollars a year on VR.

how should Evangelism look like in 21st century?

Due to the Roman roads, Gospel spread instantly throughout the ancient world.

Simply put:

Contemporary roads are the smartphones with the access to the Internet.

Teaching spiritual principals with the help of Virtual Reality

We are working
now on –

10 commandments are actually an educational quest with the elements of spiritual mentoring: the quest which identifies your values and compares them to the God’s law.

Here we unite our efforts and raise funds for the digital evangelism.

The cost of launching the VR project “Ten Commandments” is $120 000 | 1 round

Let’s do it together!

1200 individuals
480 individuals
240 individuals
120 individuals

Already gathered

$120 000


Why will we succeed?

We are going to create a digital ecosystem for effective evangelism. This ecosystem consists of 7 stages and is very powerful for a limitless spiritual growth from anywhere on Earth.
Stage 1
Stage 1
Your Needs
We explore interests and experiences of a person who has moral (spiritual) questions, and we choose 10 most prominent themes. Then we create 12 videos on these central issues.

Stage 2
Stage 2
Setting Advertising for the Targeted Audience
We create helpful video materials for a person in crisis using Mark Finley’s methodology “Effective Evangelism”. We run the ads at this stage.

Stage 3
Stage 3
Creating Digital Database
We create a database of 10000 people, who are interested in spiritual issues. With the help of AI, we search for a similar audience on the basis of our database.
Stage 4
Stage 4
Digital Evangelistic Campaign 4.0
We develop an interactive quest “Ten commandments in the real life (in reality)” (for the VR glasses). Quest contains twelve rooms and 60 ways of interaction with the player.

Stage 5
Stage 5
Welcome to the Unit of Interests
We create new social connections. Taking into account person’s interests, we place the seeking person to the ecosystem based on the thorough research using questionnaires.
Stage 6
Stage 6
Spiritual Transformation of the Personality
We run a program creating a new way of life during 256 days, practicing new habits 15 minutes a day.
Stage 7
Stage 7
Prepare a Person for Digital Evangelism
We help to find your own place in the community and to discover your talent. We help you to start serving, using your talents, to the people in the community as well as beyond it.

Do you have any questions left?

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